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Drawing was my way of expressing thoughts since I remember although I have never approached it in the professional manner. As a boy I used to dissect toys quenching natural scientific curiosity and then draw parts like in an assembly handbook. As a teenager I had an inclination towards comic books (especially works of Grzegorz Rosinski) which gave me additional incentive to draw and brought me half way to addiction to movies. Next stage was caricatures and illustrations – I briefly worked for a magazine just to finally move to black and white graphics right after being confronted with adult life.

I like clear, symbolic depictions hence black and white ink. Technique was never my main concern: it can sometimes obscure meaning so I focus more on the representation and on clarifying the message. I try to turn abstract thoughts into visual form, just like movie posters which give hints about the story they represent. Drawing is also a way of preserving thoughts – taking snapshots of your present mood and knowledge, like creating inclusions in amber. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

Photography was initially only a way of documenting new places or interesting objects but after 8 months in South-East Asia it advanced to become very important tool in capturing emotions, personalities and unique features of people I’ve met. Portraits are like biographies. Face is our advertising banner but also a window to the inner world full of wonders.

All manifestations of so called “art” are to me just ways of communicating dormant thoughts about surrounding world. We all process information in our unique way. Ideas that have been with us since the dawn of time are recycled over and over again, filtered out in the melting pot of characters, knowledge, experience, memory, time and ever-changing environment to give birth to new ways of seeing things or just reiterations of these really important. Somewhere in this process of creating personal mythologies we may inspire others or just remind ourselves who we are and where we came from. Creation or rediscovery is maybe all that matters. The most important goal of classical philosophy was after all Gnothi seauton – know thyself.