Yucatan or forgotten realm

Yucatan is a geological marvel, billion years old limestone graveyard composed of long gone organisms inhabiting Precambrian oceans. Punctuated like a giant termite structure by cenotes, eroded underground water basins and covered mostly by a tropical forest on the surface sticks out from the Caribbean Ocean like a monument of Earths resilience and brutal inevitability of time. It’s a bridge between two Americas, separate worlds spanning the Earth vertically but also in more symbolical way – window to the distant past that shaped entire planet, gate to Valhalla that saw evolutionary hope and disaster.

Impressions from South-East Asia

Video clip inspired by my trip to South-East Asia 2013/2014. I tried to collect all memorable videos I’ve made during 8 months of this great adventure. I had a privilege to witness famous funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi and due to its significance and impact on myself it became central and transitional point in this video. Music: Sufjan Stevens, For the Widows in Paradise and Leszek Mozdzer, The Law and the Fist.